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We offer the best selection of specialty procedure needles in India. we have grown into a multi-divisional enterprise offering products for a variety of industries.The philosophy at Crown Electrical & Home appliance that governs the manufacturing processes is R & D driven by market feedback. The continuous research activity reveals plenty of insights on the company, regarding the product and also the buying behavior of the customer. One major insight about the company is the quality that is highly associated with the brand. Both the dealers and customers strongly associate quality and ruggedness to the brand. These insights have helped Crown Electrical & Home appliance to further fine tune their product strategy.

The growth of the brand has been phenomenal, due to the company’s vision. The company’s vision is “to improve the family’s quality of life through the superior quality and efficiency of our Electrical & Home appliance”.

The sales and distribution philosophy is no less unique. The strength of Crown Electrical & Home appliance relationships with dealers and distributors is probably our biggest competitive advantage. Crown Electrical & Home appliance works together with dealers in planning and promoting the sales effort. Dealers' volumes and values have grown exponentially. Crown Electrical & Home appliance remains focused on best practices and continuous audit of sales and distribution efficiencies. The in house ERP packages and effective marketing MIS that provides real time data for executive decision making. Brand building, has always been one of Crown Electrical & Home appliance biggest strengths with a clear understanding of consumer behavior. Crown Electrical & Home appliance has remained at the forefront in communication and packaging design. The company relies on its core values of consumer trust, ethics in business practices and quality in products and services.